Count On Your Tax Attorney When You're Being Audited

People hire tax attorneys for a multitude of reasons, but you're apt to seek the services of this legal professional when you're in somewhat of a difficult financial situation. If your business is being audited, you'll definitely want to start working with your bookkeeper or accountant, but this is also the time to seek representation from a tax attorney. This individual has likely helped a long list of former clients successfully navigate audits and will be able to do the same for you. Here are some services that the tax attorney will provide you with.

Fighting The Amount Owed

Often, an audit will reveal that you owe a considerable amount of money to the government. In many cases, the total will be more than you can reasonably expect to pay. You might even worry that you'll have to sell your business just to be able to pay what the government says that you owe. Fortunately, a tax attorney can take your side in this fight and dispute what you apparently owe. Many tax attorneys have success, especially while working alongside your accountant, in reducing the amount that you owe to just a fraction of what you thought you might have to pay.

Pushing Back Against Deadlines

While the amount that you owe because of an audit can be startling in its own right, you'll often feel upset about the deadline that you have to make the payment. For example, if the government views that you owe it money, it will stipulate the amount that you owe and then give you a deadline for payment. Often, this deadline is immediate or in the very near future, which can defeat any ideas that you might have about increasing your profits in time to pay. A tax attorney can campaign to have this deadline pushed back, which can give you the time to amass what you owe.

Preventing Future Challenges

Businesses can face audits at random, but there's also a chance that you're dealing with an audit because of some bookkeeping oversight that you've repeatedly made. This can especially be true if you're doing your books yourself. By communicating with the government on your behalf and getting a clear understanding of what exactly is at play, your tax attorney can inform you as to whether something you may have done contributed to bringing on the audit. This information can be critical in the future for avoiding this situation.